Over the years HT has been producing and engineering not only his own albums. Working out of his own studio, he has helped create an impressive list of albums. Most of these collaborations result in Ht playing live gigs with the people he has been working with. This has been the case with Paris-based American Gabriela Arnon (who played piano on Fingernail Moon), Filip De Fleurquin, Goes en de Gasten and others. He plays regularly with Lieven Tavernier, in a quartet with Gijs Hollebosch and Sarah D’hondt.
He wrote and performed, together with Luiz Marquez, the music for the dance performance “Saloon – Tying Knots in the Devil’s Tail”


Goes en de Gasten: Veur tzelfste Geld

Filip De Fleurquin: Telephone Booth Hotel

Gabriela Arnon: Pyramid Lake

Strograss: The World is a Big Hill

Van over zee…

Aardvark en De Zandmannen: Eerlijk Echt

Filip De Fleurquin: A Monkey on a Wooden Horse

Alexandra Kwasniewska & The Belgian Sweets: Island Girl

Mel Dune: Mel Dune

Gabriela Arnon: Trouble with Park Avenue

Mich en Scène: Madame

Bruno Deneckere: Beyond the Pink Flowers
Down the Road

Grand Theft: Time Passed on the Switchback

Les Nomades: Al Camion

The Blues-o-Matics: That’s All

The Whodads: Sahara (10”)
Bongo Festeris

Per en Mans: Pyromaan

Vuile Mong en de Vieze Gasten; 30 Jaar

Mandragora: Bal du Rat

JP Deseure: The Virgin and the Sorcerer